Friday, July 31, 2009

New York Day 2

Is coming! In the middle of moving and don't have a computer yet... oh boy! I really wanna show you day 2, I promise!

Monday, July 13, 2009

New York : Day 1

I was completely terrified of the plane ride! Haydn has never been a plane before, but I am now know Haydn can handle plane rides. She didn't cry once! Made friends on the plane, snacked, slept, and woke up in NY... I was so happy!

Our first day in NY, we headed straight to Manhattan, and short ride on the LIRR.

As you all may know... Jp and I plan our travels around food... Yup! The delicious food in Manhattan is like no other... From street vendors to fancy restaurants, this is the place to go for all different kinds of food!

Getting into Penn Station, we decided to walk all the way up to Central Park... but a short stop to B&H Photo... If you need any photography items... this is seriously the place to go! The best prices and according to JP, the offer awesome customer service!

OH.. and if anyone plans of vacationing with us.. Family Portraits.. are a set-up. Off camera lighting and everything... what can I say, Jp has a special place in his heart for OCL :)

I really appreciate Haydn's PPB bag... I was able to chnge her diaper right before Central Park...

Before we actually made our way in Central Park... we stopped at our favorite pizza spot. Rigoletto Pizza! Seriously, the best in NY, at least according to us.

Central Park... like the size of a city... was beautiful. It was such a nice day out and people were out and about...

Short stop to feed mini me... she loves her carrots! This kind and

this kind! Thanks Auntie V for hanging out with us, like the hole time! We'll see you soon when you come to LA... Boba here we come! haha

Much needed nap.. next stop.. Magnolia's for some banana pudding!

No picture of the awesome dessert, just outside of Magnolia's watching them frost some cupcakes.

Short stop... Anthropologie! Ruby, you would have loved this one, the bottom floor of the store was their SALE SECTION!!! The whole bottom floor!

The ice cream from the top picture is from Mister Softee... Jp's grew-up on that stuff. Maybe that is where his love for sweets all began.

Oh man... Joe's Shanghai Soup Dumlings!!! So awesome! Auntie V showed us this place and we couldn't stop talking about it!

The time change from LA to NY was awesome! It was around 10:30 when we were starting to head back to Long Island which was 7:30 LA time. It was perfect.

And I didn't realize how long she was like this, but she became undone :(

I don't think she appreciated us taking a picture of her belly. haha

7:30 LA time, 10:30 NY time, Haydn was still wide awake! haha. She loved the trains, lights, and buses... Buses I don't know why, but she got excited every time she saw one. haha. Maybe cause of the the sound it makes. hah

And maybe she likes public transportation too cause no car seat necessary :)

Long day 1, awesome day 2... Fourth of July! and sad day 3... I'll tell you more when the time comes.

Haydn Now

So my mini me had her 6-month appt and is now

16.3 pounds and 27 inches long!

She can sit-up by herself and not fall, crab crawl backwards, and kisses everyone in sight...

She was a little under the weather but feeling much better today. Jp and I are uploading the pictures from NY... Can't wait to show you the city girl :)

Happy birthday Auntie Lynette!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back from NY

We are back in LA and can't wait to show you guys some oh Haydn's pictures in NY... She was stinkin adorable and perfect on the plane. She didn't even cry on the plane and kept making friends around us. Till tomorrow... it's almost Friday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Cullens... I heart Edward


Thanks to Ruby and Tiff... I picked it up and I'm hooked!