Friday, April 30, 2010

19 Week countdown

I personally like to see the numbers go down rather than to see it go up... cause I know my weight is gonna go way up and those are enough numbers to count! haha

You should be so lucky those aren't my feet! haha. Anyway... This will be my little diary where I will air out all my secrets I usually like to keep regarding how much weight I will gain. Hopefully to keep me more conscious of what I eat cause I'm gonna have to tell all of you! I shouldn't have had my Strawberry Cream Pie Shake from Sonic! Eeks! But was pretty good.

So... I am 21 weeks preggy with 19 more weeks to go and have gained..... 7 lbs!!!! When I was preggy with Haydn, I could gain 5 lbs in 1 week with no effort.... so we will see how this one goes. haha

Another thing.... prenatal vitamins! what the heck... I have to take stool softener with them like everyday cause I am being harassed from the inside.... Let's just say, it's not a pretty sight. haha

Anyway... till next week... our first wedding is on Saturday and it is going to be smashingly beautiful... I already know it! And they love Haydn so it can't get any worse :)

See you guys soon!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

20 Weeks Preggy

Hi Everyone! So I'm 20 weeks preggy today! Woohoo! I'm not sick anymore and time is flying. Thankfully... I still fit in my regular pants too. This pregnancy is a little harder but I'm not as conscious about it or I don't realize my growing belly as much. Haydn kisses it and says baby, but other than than, I think she just likes the extra cushion :)

This baby kicks and moves so much. Don't know what we are having yet. But maybe, just maybe, we will get another ultrasound in the next month.

Haydn.... she is growing so fast! I love it and hate it. Not really growing in height... haha, but she can say so much now! She says and knows what Boba is too! When she sees me when I pick her up at school, she runs to me and says my name. Oh boy! I really love it! Hopefully we will get to sign her up for swimming lessons next month. I wanted to do April, but good thing I didn't cause it keeps raining.

She loves pasta or anything with noodles. She tries to use a spoon and is successful, but when she gets frustrated, she sticks to what she knows... her hands... lol!

I still need to get back on the computer cause there are so many pictures and so little time. How the pants got off her legs and at her face, I have no clue!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm so clumsy!

Being pregnant does not help with my clumsiness! Seriously, I will spill drinks, drop food, walk into doors and the list goes on and on... but the worst so far... I fell down the stairs!

It wasn't as horrible as it sounds, I just missed a step and fell on my butt, and slid down a few. More funny than anything, but my arm and hip are soar! LOL!

Me and the baby feel fine, but we are gonna check just in case.