Friday, February 27, 2009

2-Month Checkup

Boy am I tired! Started off by feeding the little girl at 6:30...

She has the ultimate bedhead! haha... at least she makes me laugh so early. Something to look forward too.

We had to get up early because not only was it Haydn's 2-month check-up, but we had to go to the lab really early so Jp could be poked by needles and get his blood drawn. One down, one more to go :(

Next on out list.. Haydn's doctors appt... We were trying to get her to smile a little... she had no idea what was in store!

Our pediatrician, Dr. Perez, referred by the Joco's and the Luna's, is awesome! He is like the dog whisperer for kids... She was getting cranky and when he came in, she was looking at him and she just stopped crying... He is pretty awesome, we really like him.

Haydn now...

She is 23 inches long, 10.1 pounds and her head is now 37cm... Maybe she is getting to be more like mommy..hehe

15 minutes and 5 shots later..

She was all tears... but after awhile... she was okay... whimpering the rest of the day, but not screaming at the top of her lungs

Next stop, we went to go visit her second cousin Emilee. She is so cute and so little and cute! Such a coincidence! Emilee and Haydn have the same outfit :) And Haydn was wearing it before we changed her...

Enough adventure for the day, time to go home :)

When we got home... she had a little diarrhea, but nothing too horrible... She was Little Miss Giggles because she was in front of her favorite thing...

The little drool monster was back

Please pray she doesn't get a fever :( I hope she doesn't...

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I was looking through some old files on our computer and came across this!

And he still hasn't beat me! I wonder if Haydn is going to take on my shooting skills. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who would have thought...

The changing table is like one of her favorite places to be!

she is getting so big! I know she is still super little, but she doesn't want to get super chubby, she keeps getting longer and longer!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 2-month Birthday

It came and went!

Jp and I worked all day on Saturday, we didn't get to really spend time with us. By the time we were together as a family, she was ready to go to sleep!

We did a lot of this all day!

Haydn, we will celebrate your 2-month birthday... don't worry. She gets her boatload of shots on Friday.. I'm scared... haha

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Venti Latte Please :)

Luke's Dad is a Grande Latte and Luke's Mom is a Tall Latte... but Luke-A-Latte was so a Venti!!!

Who would have thought... 22 inches long!!! That is really God...haha... but really... he is so adorable!!!

Haydn watched him for awhile... but did a lot of this...

Luke did a lot of this too...

Luke has his momma's smile... I don't think I need to explain.. hehe

Such a cute cry, such a cute shaped head... He's gonna be a heartbreaker!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Heart My Family

Valentine's Day was so much fun!!! Nothing was really planned... we were kind of goin with the flow... and the weather. Weather was good so we had a good day. It was so fun celebrating with Haydn. Our love oozes out of our pores for her so we had to take her with us! Thank you for the coat Neen... It is so cute on her!

Grandma and Grandpa got her a little present too! She is a girly girl in the making... Not sure when we are going to pierce her ears, but these are definately going in one day... Thanks grandma and grandpa

We ended up going to the Orange County MarketPlace. I haven't been for years, it was cheap and the sun was shining :). I have been stalking these trumpette shoes for at least 9 months now... I haven't found anyone who carries them and we totally saw them and paid less than half price! I love her new Andy Tracks! Bought a couple baby legs and it put a smile on my face!

After a full day of walking and house shopping (driving around and dreaming in Fullerton) It was time to sleep.

GOOD MORNING... haha... ultimate bedhead!!! haha. I am so not the morning person... ask me to make breakfast, no thank you but with her now, I have to be a morning person. she smiles so much!

But this morning was different. After a good 5 inutes of playing, her face got so serious!

Then you see the strain in her eyes...

Face turns tomato red... oh man... surprise surprise. She pushed for a couple of seconds... and poop got all the way up her belly button and up her leg! I couldn't clean it on my own... so gross

She's like mommy... time to clean me up. haha... right after she was done... all smiles again. haha

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Like...


Especially when I haven't even brushed my teeth yet! haha... So not kidding either...

Sorry Auntie Lynette... photoshop didn't let me turn your file into a JPEG... Ill get you next time.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Camera left in the bag #1

So Christian Cruz took our cameras to get cleaned out by Canon... which was way cool...

And cupcake date would have been a good time to test them out... but I forgot it! Haha... totally sucks... so that was one date of memories that will probably slip through the cracks...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Even with the rain...

Despite the rain... it was pretty nice for the most part of the day :) We are making our way out to buy some cupcakes. We recently did our budget and realized how much money we would be saving if we didn't eat out 5 times a week. This week has been really good, so we are treating ourselves to a small snack.. More pictures to come

The besties got to hang out again at the Super Bowl... which came and went. I remember last year we were at our house celebrating the Giants... too bad Arizona didn't win... oh well...