Thursday, January 29, 2009

Haydn Now

Had her Dr's appt yesterday... She is now 21 1/2 inches and weighs 8 pounds... I'm waiting for her to be a porker... hopefully she will gain more weight by 2 months... The circumference of her head is 30 CM... Not huge like mine. haha

When she was born, she was 19 1/2 inches and 7.6 pounds... by her first week dr's appt, she was 6.14 so she has gained weight since last dr's appt.

She is good, healthy, strong... still has hairy butt and shoulders... hehe...

That's it... hope everyone had a good Thursday... we had a visitor today... Auntie Nina came over... and I totally forgot my cameraof her bonding with sleepy Haydn and our Golden Spoon adventure... I'll get one next time Neen!

Good Night everyone see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday Fun

I just realized I haven't had breakfast before almost noon almost everyday! With the night feedings, Haydn and I sleep in till about 10:30 AM and then I don't realize I haven't eaten at it's already noon! With Jp being home this whole week, it has been easier cause I get to take my naps, but he's not the one who feeds at night...

Anyway, we went to IHOP to celebrate Great Grandma's birthday, and that was a task... Having breakfast and being at IHOP by 9AM was not fun! I was so tired... but had to be done!

Her faces are so funny sometimes! She looks at you like your crazy.. haha..

Next stop... Downtown Disney!

Do you know what this is? This white powdery stuff everywhere?!?

After we got it we were gonna sit here... good thing we didn't or we would have been drenched!

And of course... what did Haydn do most of the time? Sleep in her bassinet.

I just realized I have no pictures of the other parental unit... haha... next time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So awesome! There is a Corner Bakery in Chino Hills now and I wanted to go, but they were doing their testing so we were ready to walk away, but the employee said we should come in and eat for free! So good and made it taste even better... totally free! The pecan pie dessert thing was so good!

After Corner bakery, we went to the Martinez's to get a Luke-A-Latte...

Saturday was pretty fun... still super sick, but had to get out of the house... I have a hard time getting out but I always feel better getting fresh air... Today was Armenia's baby shower and there were a ton of people there...

But what did Haydn do the whole time...

She slept so much, she didn't even get out of her carseat... She just came out to eat... Haydn's bestfriend slept the whole time too

All in all, nice rainy day... still sick so we went home early so I can get some rest. We left with a Thanks-A-Latte... I must say, this baby shower theme was super appropriate...

Friday, January 23, 2009


I am sick... Jp is kind of sick... so we don't get to do anything today... Hopefully we will get better to play tomorrow

Thursday, January 22, 2009

3-Month Onesies

My daughter's clothes don't fit her anymore... the newborn ones that is... she is so little still, but growing so fast! Auntie Lynette bought this for her on Christmas and she thought these wouldn't fit her for a long time... but she was wrong!

What did we do today? Played on the swing AJ let us borrow...

Play with Auntie Nissy

Play with Grampa...

Laughed at mommy taking a picture of me...

And my funny bee feet... today was a good day

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy 1-month Birthday

Haydn turned 1-month today! She has changed so much... Her face, her length, her facial expressions... It is so true when people say they grow so fast... Today, I wanted to take Haydn to visit Jp, but I am sick and I was not up for driving all the way to Westwood with the possibility of rain... so our one day trip will have to wait.

We started the day off with a morning stroll around the neighborhood. I was super nice today and had to go outside! We then went to visit Auntie Nissy and her daughter Ella :)

We pretty much lounged at Michelle's house the whole day and waited for Jp to get home. Ruby and Heather paid a nice visit bringing me lunch and cupcakes which are already done!

We then walked home to greet Jp, went to Lola's house for dinner, and came home for bath time... She has to test out the water first or else she'll burst into tears

After the much needed bath, we gave her Mylicon... she is so gassy and probably backed up and not really happy right now.. unfortunately, so we gave her a little help to get it out...

Sorry I was sick Haydn and we couldn't visit Daddy... We will make it up to you next time :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Heart Holidays!

Martin Luther King Day gave Jp and get free out of work day! So much fun. We haven't taken Haydn out really... to the mall, the grocery, Babies R us, target... but all pretty local. When Jp brought up the idea of going to Manhattan Beach, I was kind of nervous, but I thought... we can handle this. The thing with that is timing was everything. We both got ready and before we left, fed, burped, and changed her so she can sleep the whole way there... and she did! I was so glad.

Our usually eating spot is The Kettle but we wanted to change it up a bit.

The Kettle is so good, but we went to La Creperie

She did so good! She cried when she needed to be changed and when she wanted to go to sleep, but that was about it. It was such a beautiful day and she seemed to like the fresh air. It has been pretty windy in Corona, so I don't even like taking her on walks in this city, but Manhattan Beach weather was perfect!

Creme Brulee Crepe... So Good!

A little stroll to the pier using The Uppababy! The best investment... We got some really good advice get a stroller that can be a double stroller in the future... We love it.. Thanks to the Quinal's, Zaporteza's, and Joco's!

We ended at the beach but not much playing in the sand... but there is plenty of time for that later!

Where is Haydn? This carrier is called The Ergo Baby. She loves it! He is comfortable, and she is being supported... My sling took a rest in the car.

Her feet were so cute as they were hanging out of the side!

I wanted to end with a family picture, but by the time we got to the car, she needed to be changed and we needed to go to LAX to say bye to Lolo as he goes to the Philippines.

First trip and we brought our camera.. not bad! Tomorrow is her 1-month birthday... I have some simple things in store.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Haydn Lohren


I wasn't sure if I wanted to start a blog about our family's goings on... but the hubby won't let me post too many family pics on the business blog, so I couldn't resist. It hit me I needed to start a blog when our good friends at The Martinez's gave Haydn newborn onesies on the day she was born and now don't fit her!

I was so sad when her legs were bent because she was restricted. Oh well... I'm hoping I can capture our lives and share it with our friends... So if you can... please remind me to bring our camera around!

Last one for now.. Haydn and Jp fart and sleep the same... It's so weird!