Friday, June 26, 2009

Hello Summer!

Father's Day, 6 month birthday, and summer came all on the same day! Oh.. she is so like me, we are gonna have sunglass finding problems in the future! No nose, hi cheek bones.. oh no!

Haydn is growing at lightning speed. I can't believe how much she has grown. She can sit up all by herself. I can literally walk away and come back and she is still sitting there. It's so awesome. She loves green beans and carrots. Not so much pees for some reason anymore. Oh, but for breakfast, she now eats oatmeal and prunes. haha. Loves the prunes. She just gets a little spoonful mixed with the oatmeal, but prunes... I don't know..

She gives you kisses on the cheek and the occasional kiss on the mouth. She always gives me a kiss every morning as we walk to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. I love it. But her favorite person to kiss is herself in the mirror. haha.

The nursing has significantly slowed down. I nurse at night, but only once during the day. It's just not enough for her anymore which is cool with me. Do I miss it, yes... do I still try, yes... but she just gets really fussy so she loves her bottles :)

I still have to schedule her 6 month appt. (Note to self) Our family trip to New York is fast approaching and we can't wait! Thank you to Ruby at Cakies for making me a custom order! She will be sure rockin the crown in Central Park!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Love for Shoes

I loved these so much, I bought them in 3 different sizes :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Officially Part-Time

Hello friends. Officially part-time for the next 3 months, so I have extra time to blog, clean, cook, and everything else a wife does. Haydn is fast asleep so I can show you how we have been spending her life at 5 months.

For Memorial Day, Martinez's and Manalili's packed the Pilot and ate Korean BBQ. Weird experience eating with a baby. All you can eat really isn't all you can eat anymore. We kept holding her and then tried to keep her in the car seat and she didn't want to stay. Then I fed her in the car and changed her diaper... Then sat down and ate but already lost my appetite. I probably left it in the car. Still always a great time with the Martinez bunch.

Next way to celebrate the month was with her very own walking/bouncy toy thing. She loves this darn thing! I think she played in it till almost 11. It's amazing how much this toy allows them to use their legs and muscles. Not she turn in circles, but when she can really start walking, the toy spins and walks in circles also. It's like the jail she always wanted. Not to mention she can eat and lick everything in sight. Thanks Lola and Lolo for her toy. She loves it!

Last but not least, some much needed R&R in Vegas. Well, for me, Haydn, and Hazel at least. Jp, AJ, and Loyd were working their butts off creating an awesome video for the newly married couple.

Haydn did so good in the car. She slept the whole way and when we got there, she woke up smiling. Got back in the hotel room, and put herself back to sleep. I love my little girl!

Slept in her own bed. hehe

Then Jp got picture happy and woke her up. I think he actually scared her. haha

I'll do a seperate post of our first time in the pool. haha. Let me just say, it was a very sad attempt! haha. We were so not prepared. Didn't bust out the camera as much as I would have liked, but that's okay... Thanks Hazel and Loyd for another great weekend together! Vacation with you is fun!

Can't wait to do it with Haydn and little Red 5.