Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Enfamil

Ok guys...

Tried just the formula to see if it was that... and it was. She has had enfamil before, but can't anymore. I will try with my milk again and try Similac... we will see. I'm just so lazy to pump an extra time for her food. Plus my milk is needed for her to drink... oh well... I'll update you more later.

Rice Cereal + Formula =

A huge rash on her face!!!

She did not like the rice cereal with my milk so I tried it with formula and she loved it! I mean really loved it. She was gunning for the spoon... But then she broke out on her face. It went away after 2 hours, but I have asked around and they say it's normal. She didn't cry and was still laughing.

What do you guys think?

She has had rice cereal, she's had formula before when I had to supplement before. Don't know... we are going to try again tomorrow night and see if the same thing happens again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4 Months and Counting

So little Haydn is not so little anymore :(. Maybe I'm being drama, but her flirting with boys is a sign of trouble to come!

Wednesday started off with a wellness visit to the good ol Dr. Perez. He really has the magic touch. He is really good at his craft. Like I said before 24 inches and 13 pounds later, she is officially the leader of Team Fat Baby! Her DC (double chin) is in full affect.

The clothes on and ready to go... here come the shots... all 5 of them again..

Praise God she didn't get a fever and had no diarrhea. Just a very long nap at the Luna's. We have been wanting to visit Titus for so long, but just waiting for him to be ready to receive visitors... He is like little Jacob

The trouble makers...

Family of 6??!?

With her 4 month bithday, along came rice cereal... we waited for Jp to come back from his business trip so she had her first bite on Saturday... She already knew something was going to be different... we started off with the plastic bib...

Here we go...

Survey says... SHE HATED IT!!! We tried again the 2nd time, she cried and fussed after every bite. You would think she would love food... but we always have time... I'm in no hurry to make her eat it... So we will keep trying like every other day or so... We already have whole wheat and oats waiting for her. Maybe she needed ketchup.. hehe.. She was definately interested in the spoon... not so much the food.

After a Saturday feast, we had our normal cupcake run on Sunday at The Shoppes. It was a hot day but fun time with the family... She was so over the sun by the end of the day.

Keep cool everyone! Enjoy a cool walk during the evening. We did that today with Haydn and she was so comfortable, she fell asleep in her stroller for the first time!

To The Kuell's... see you in October :) I forgot to take a picture of the cute little family! Hopefully we can visit you guys up there! We love you guys

BTW... Pumping has been good! I can tell the difference. I am getting almost 5 ounces each pump:)

Friday, April 17, 2009

So Long Work!

Hello Weekend!

It was such a busy week! So glad it's over... Hadyn's scalp was slightly attacked by cradle crap. But she has so much hair, it doesn't matter.. hehe... well, with this hair style... it looks bad, but really... it's not that bad..

Jp went on a short business trip so we are so happy to have him back. Haydn and Jp are having father daughter date... hehe... I work this Saturday but weekends are so chill...

See you guys soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Haydn Now!

Haydn went in for for 4-month appt yesterday. We were a week early.. but that's ok...

My Double Chin Baby is now 24 inches long and 13 pounds solid!

I will have pictures later on tonight... I'm at work right now bored as usual!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Family Day

Sunday is officially our family fun day. I work every other Saturday so Sunday is a day that I really appreciate. So last Sunday weshopped at Dos Lagos and ate some much needed comfort food... Good ol burgers and fries... oh yeah, and their Apple Pie milk shake... So good!

I have to admit, it is super hard to get up on Sunday morning for me because I know Jp is there to get her when she wakes up, so I try to take advantage and sleep in.. till about 8. I don't know how mom's do it.. I guess it's just practice. But yes, I do love our Sundays...

Oh yeah... The Counter at Dos Lagos... I got to eat a regular burger that I have been wanting and Jp ate a chicken burger cause he doesn't eat red meat anymore...

Last Sunday was such a nice day... Haydn loves being outside and getting fresh air :)

After a nice day of having fun in the sun... we gave her a much needed bath...

And that's right folks... she found her toes... so cute... she was eating them the other day. hehe... Jp showed me how to black out her goods...

After her bath, Jp and I had dinner and she just hangs out in her Bumbo seat till we are done...

Her double chin is living large... but what can you do... I love it! She is such a happy baby. I can't wait for our first time to sit around the table, and have Haydn eat dinner with us.. Rice Cereal, here we come!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hungry Baby!

Okay... since I have been back at work, Haydn and I have a feeding routine. Whatever I pump (still nursing) on Monday during work is what she gets on Tuesday, and what I pump on Tuesday, she gets on Wednesday... so on and so forth...

Okay, so yesterday, Friday, she drank everything I pumped out on Thursday and what I pumped out on Friday... She usually eats like 12 ounces while I'm at work but Friday, she ate almost 17ounces. She barely even easts 12 ounces... but 17!!! Is she growing? Is it a growth spurt? What in the world... Is she gonna eat that much now on... I can barely even get her to finish a 4ounce bottle in one sitting. I takes her almost 1 1/2 hours to finish 4 ounces.

So this is my question to all you mom's who nurse... How do I trick my body to produce more milk?

I pump every 3 hours and get 4 ounces every single time. I think I need to get like 5-6 ounces now.... At least I think so just in case. what do I do to get more milk to come out? Help!!!