Wednesday, May 26, 2010

15 Week Countdown

This pregnancy is a breeze! It really went by so fast! But I am looking forward to it ending soon. I know... so soon! But I know what kind of damage is ahead of me if I keep craving Cinnamon Rolls from Cinnabon! OMG! They are really amazing!

Topic of the day... Cravings! They are truly an amazing gift from God! hehe. I didn't have any cravings with Haydn but this one... man oh man... if I hear something appetizing, I have to have it! Like cinnamon rolls for example... Cinnabon is pretty good, BC Cafe was amazing, homemade ones.... they filled the craving... not so much amazing!haha. I went from fruit to pure sugary calorie filled desserts! I really hope my 12 lb weight gain doesn't turn to 30lbs by June 17th... my next appt! Eeks!

second topic of the day has to do with haydn... I am so thankful for Haydn's school and her teachers! Especially Mrs. Flo. Not only is she seasoned, we see eye to eye in regards to God and she supports whatever Jp and I decide on how to raise Haydn and I truly feel like she was meant to impact our lives so much more than just her taking care of Haydn. Anyway... she brought up the topic of setting boundaries for Haydn. I don't know if you know, but Haydn is one of the most friendliest babies ever! Yeah... it's cute, but is it fun when she runs up to people in the mall and says hi to everyone and sometimes ask people to carry her... NO! It scares me with how open she is to anyone... Friends and family, by all means, but total strangers... she doesn't know any better, so we are starting to "Set Boundaries"

Now how the heck are we gonna do that! Sheesh... Right now, we are teaching her she can only kiss Mama and Dad on the lips, anyone else, she can only hug or kiss on the cheek... but she gets a kick out of kisses on the forehead. When she kisses you on the forehead, you can get a little giggle out of her too! How do you guys "Set Boundaries" First time parents... a concept we knew we were gonna have to learn, but we didn't think so soon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sea world

Since Jp has been having to go to San Diego for work, Haydn and I tag along and go to Sea World. I think I was more excited to take her than she was.. hehe.. but she will love it sooner than later.

Her favorite part of the whole park was to touch the Sting Ray's! She would reach in the water pet it and then clap for herself making all the nasty salt water splash everywhere! So nasty, but so cute to see her so excited. I was shocked she wasn't scared, but I was happy :)

I thought she would love Pet's Rule, but she liked the stage more than the animals. hehe

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

16 Week Countdown

6 months down... 4 more to go! woohoo! Sept 8th... come already! Being sick doesn't help either! I'm coughing all night and can't sleep, not cuz of the baby, but because of being sick!

I really need to upload some pictures! Haydn has 11 teeth now, can say two words and have them make sense and starting to say 2 syllable words! I love it but I hate that she is getting so big.

She tells me when she is ready to go poopoo and wants to sit on the toilet, but then her butt gets shy. As soon as I put a diaper on her, she goes and then tells me again she went poopoo. She is one funny baby! I applaud her efforts :)

Ok... so I went to the dr on monday... and i gained more weight! eekks.... I gained 5 lbs in 1 month. I don't remember if that is good or bad... but I think I gained a total of 12 lbs so far... This is going to end badly... I already know it... And... I'm so pregnant! I can't hide this bump for the lift of me. Alright... talk to you guys later! Tootles