Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When you don't have a backyard...

Play bubbles in the gallery :)

And it's totally ok if she spills...

Because it's concrete... I'm gonna miss you loft.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Haydn got all ready to go to work (school) to take care of the animals (her classmates)!

When I came back with the camera, I was too late, but all her friends were dressed as zoo animals and Haydn was the zoo keeper!!! Not planned either! One of the other mommy's is gonna give me the pictures. Once I get them, I'll show them to you :).

This is William... Yes... She named it William.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

After the football game, Haydn and I went to John's Incredible Pizza to celebrate Evan's 3rd bithday, but I forgot my camera :( But for Michelle's bday she wanted to go to the Pumpkin Patch, so Tanaka Farms we went, and this place was huge! We will definitely be back next year! Our first time at a Pumpkin Patch but definitely not our last.

Haydn had fun.... but she is a clean little girl so she didn't want to touch any of the dirty pumpkins! So weird! So she picked out so nice clean ones :)

Zoe practically slept the whole time. As expected.

After the pumpkin patch, we had the best Ramen ever in Irvine... Long day, kids went to bed early, and Jp and I got some much needed rest!

Saturday Fun Day

This day was jam packed with so much fun! Early morning. Jp went to golf with Joe, so the girls and I went to our good friends football game, and it was super cute! She was so shy at first but warmed up :)

Of course... Damien scores a touchdown like usual.

Olivia! It was also Michelle's 31st birthday

With the Girls

We basically lounge all day! Haha. I wouldn't saying having two kids is hard, just very tiring. We nap together and that's always nice. Haydn has always been a good napper and so is Zoë. Haydn takes 2-2hour naps and Zoe just sleeps :)

But we have fun and smile too!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Zoë at 3 weeks

Boy where has my days gone! Sleep deprivation has set in but weird to say I'm used to not getting more than 3 hours of sleep at a time. She was born 8 lbs 2 Oz ... but boy has she changed! This was her on her 2nd day. She was swollen still here but went down tremendously!

And this is her now!!! 3 weeks old! She had her first Dr's app at 3 weeks cause I totally forgot about her 2 week app. Apparently my brain is not functioning normally. It doesn't function properly as it is, but having another baby and no sleep. Disastrous!

I love my baby girl and Haydn loves being a big sister. She can't enough kisses of her and is so concerned when she cries! It so adorable. Haydn loves to burp and feed her. Apparently Haydn is ready for motherhood. ha ha! She even puts on my nursing cover and tries to pump!!! Praise God she is adjusting so well to having another one in the house and is so patient with me and Zoë.

Zoë now... here goes... 9 lbs 10Oz!!!! Wowzers!!! I know... She is one solid baby girl.. ha ha!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Family of Four

Has it been more than a week already since we gave birth to Zoe Addison! OMG... It has! Boy does time fly. Let me just say, it was another amazing time and experience with the Epidural. We were together again working together to help relieve the pain which is still called Laboring. It is no easy task but this time around, it only lasted hours as opposed to on and off for a whole week!

Majority of my pain from the contractions with Zoe were just in the front of my belly. With Haydn, they were in my belly and back and traveled down to my thighs. Crazy.

I have a lot of adjusting to do and Haydn is doing really well being a big sister. She is very patient and just waits till I'm done feeding or changing Zoe before its her turn to cuddle. Although I do miss just having my day with Haydn, I'm sure I am going to love the adventure of being with little Owen and little Jp. (I totally see Jp in Zoe)

Well, cheers to being a family of four :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


More pictures from our much needed stop. Prior to half way to Seattle, we stopped over at Fire on the Mountain and well... we just needed to stop. With a slight fever from Haydn, a hungry Eli, and Mateo with itchy eyes and a much needed bathroom break, it was sooo time to pull over!

Oh, and by the way... Haydn's favorite word from the vacation was "Albert"! Anytime she sees someone now who is bald and a lil dark.. hehe... their name is automatically Albert!

Our day in Washington was short but nice The weather turned out to be pretty amazing and not as hot as it had been in Oregon. the drive up was so pretty and full of green and life.

Make way... fat girl coming through! haha! This shirt is much tighter now!

She may look like me, but she really is like Jp.