Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Owen: Haydn, can you say balloon
Haydn: Boon... Boon..
Owen: Can you say balloon
Haydn: Baboon.

Hehe... So freakin adorable

Thursday, September 24, 2009

All she wants to do is play

Haydn usually sleeps between 9 and 9:30 but for the past 2 nights, she has been sleeping around 11:00. And that is with us letting her cry herself to sleep. I don't know what is happening to her sleeping schedule, but I will blame it on her teeth and he new found limbs. Hopefully it is just a little phase and she will be back to her normal 9 to 6:30 sleeping schedule. Anyway, it's Wednesday... half-way through!

Still looking for a daycare/babysitter for Haydn. We think we found one and she really liked it. It's a nonprofit daycare and is in Diamond Bar. Super close to my mom, but not that close to me... So still looking and praying...

Hopefully she sleeps better tonight without a fight.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

9 months

As soon as Jp comes home, she screams with so much excitement! It so adorable how little girls adore their dad's.

She loves Football. As soon as it is on TV, she actually sits and watchs. I think she likes the music of it more, but never the less, she is entertained.

Haydn is 9 months now and she is growing so fast! She has got to be around 20 pds now and is so tall!

She crawls, walks along the couch, speaks, starting to throw fits... don't know about that one. Loves Cheerios or O's from Trader Joe's. She tries to be funny and loves to walk around with you holding her.

She also has this new thing that we call ugly face. haha. It's so funny. She does it on cue. Hopefully if I have time, I'll upload the video tomorrow.

Here she is, cast and all, on the move. I wonder how fast she'll go without the cast?!!?? I think we're in trouble..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jo and Al's Wedding Shower

Joanna and Alan had one of the cutest wedding showers ever. It was super colorful and playful and had all the kids wanting to play! Despite the hot weather, bring under the shade brought on the best temperature.

Red 5 Studios is going to kill it at your Reception!

Your wedding is going to be fantabulous! I truly believe close attention to detail is the key to making things your own, and you truly did it to celebrate your soon the be MRS!

Thank you for letting us document the pre-party to your Party. Jp and I know it is going to be great!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Love for Dance!

So last week some time, I dropped off our cameras to get serviced just to get ready for the wedding and they came back perfect! Next on the list was to have lunch with Auntie Michelle. After lunch we went up to meet some of Auntie's co-workers and Haydn fell in love! Especially with LP... Cool nickname right!

Anyway, I was telling her how Haydn loves the Nuvering and the Prius commercial. Not so much for the product, but for the songs. hehe.. Anyway...

She has been teething and so when she was taking her nap, she woke up crying so I went to pick her up and she fell asleep in my arms.

Daddy came home and she was still sleeping... Next thing you know, the nuvaring commercial comes on and she starts dancing her butt off. Commercial ended, and so did she, she went right back to sleep!. haha. I totally wish i got that on camera, but I didn't. A couple minutes later, she woke up and started laughing. haha. I don't know where she got her personality, but I love it! She is sooo much fun.

Anyway, this was taken when she was like 4 or 5 months, I don't remember... but this is when we discovered she loved music... and dance. She is bananas for music now!

Monday, September 14, 2009

After many failed attempts

of trying to get Haydn to show me her two bottom teeth, I finally got one. She did a lot of playing

A lot of lounging

A lot of laughing

A lot of teasing

But after I pined her down, I got her 2 bottom teeth. They are actually out now with some biting going on... but she is happy as ever :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So with Halloween approaching... could this a possible costume idea??? maybe :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dining Chairs of My Dreams

JP and I have been married for over 2 years, and we haven't bought dining room chairs yet! 1 part we haven't found any we really liked, and 2 parts being able to afford the chairs of my dreams...

Till Now! A long time in the waiting... but we got them! And I am so pleased. We bought the Bertoia Wire Chairs! I must say, buying these chairs have really got me on the home decorating kick... I think my next purchase is going to be a table for the entry way of our little abode. I did find one that Jp and I both really liked from Urban... Hopefully :)

Without further ado... here is our butt parter for life! All four of them...

Picture for this awesome blog... Pure Green . Love you!