Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Haydn is an older sister!

It's official... with insurance changes and everything, we kind of put the dr's visits on hold, but we are back on track and the baby is as healthy as can be! We had our ultrasound yesterday and we found out we are 17 weeks preggy and our due date is September 8th!

Still get nauseus at night but doesn't last as long as it usually does. the baby kept moving and spinning so we couldn't find out what it's gonna be. Boy or girl.... still up in the air. It kept hiding too. so weird. I feel good though. I kind of figured the baby was past the 1st trimester cause its been fluttering and i could have sworn i felt it kick me once or twice. baby manalili... can't wait to meet you!

Anyway... at work now so I have to get back. Talk to you guys soon.

Oh, computer is still down and the loft is a hot mess! major construction zone!