Friday, June 18, 2010

12 Week Countdown

Hi again!

12 weeks left! woohoo! I feel ssooo good this time around. I have more energy, I'm eating better but have my occasional cinnamon roll :). I just went to the Doc on Tuesday... and it was time to weigh in... uugghhh!!! I was scared... But happy to announce I gained 6lbs this month :) I was quite proud of myself considering how much junk I ate.. hehe... But still eating better this time around... I know.. bazarre.

My tummy grew 6 centimeters this month too... Thinking back this month, I could actually feel myself getting bigger and stretching more than I have already. I feel bigger and I look way bigger. At work, when people come in , they are starting to notice I'm preggy now... It's about time too!

So my total weight gain... 18lbs! I'm really proud of myself... Now let's see how I do with the home stretch... Officially 7 months preggy!

OH... and the name game begins... I hate this part!