Friday, January 14, 2011

Room Decor: A Work In Process

I've been wanting to decorate the girl's rooms for such a long time but never had a room to decorate. Knowing both girls were going to have their own room, ideas were just stirring up and I'm so thankful I can hang their coming home outfits. They are so small and can fit on almost all of Haydn's dolls but now on display in their rooms. Zoë's is the yellow one with the tiny belt. It was from the Long Beach Antique Market and I think I was only 3 months pregnant when we bought it. Going to Flea Markets with the Quinal's is always fun! The pink one is Haydn's and it was a gift from Auntie Nissy which according to Haydn is always sleeping!!! Auntie Nissy works the PM shift so she is usually sleeping when we visit. I love Tea! Remembering when I put it on her seems just like yesterday... She was swimming in it! Haha! But I was so glad she came home in that! I will never get rid of these outfits and hopefully their kids can wear them too!

Happy Friday, Hello Weekend!

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