Friday, January 21, 2011

Room Decor: Work In Process

Haydn got this mini New York set from True and Brave her very first Christmas. I loved it so much, I knew it was more of a display piece than a toy Haydn would use for her future barbies. Auntie Nina gave her the New York book right under it. They are just perfect for Haydn's room.

Zoë's room is a lot more girly than Haydn's. It has all the main things, just needs some extra things here and there and her room is pretty much done :). She doesn't really care about room decor though, just toys toys and more toys.


sugarmouse said...

SUCH an awesome present!! means girl said...

yay!! have you gotten a chance to read it to her yet? the room looks like it's coming together!! btw..I MISS YOU GUYS!!! =(